BAL Backgrounder: Updated Planning for a ‘No-Deal’ Brexit

8 Mar, 2019

Global Trend

On Tuesday, March 12, the British Parliament will vote on the government’s revised Brexit deal. What will the outcome of Tuesday’s vote mean for U.K. citizens in the EU and EU citizens in the U.K.?

The withdrawal agreement that Parliament will vote on would provide the certainty of a transition period that would retain free movement rights for U.K. and EU nationals until the end of 2020. If the U.K. leaves the EU without an agreement, each EU country will determine its treatment of U.K. citizens after March 29.

Employers should plan for their EU and U.K. employees, in case of a no-deal scenario. BAL’s Backgrounder, United Kingdom/European Union Brexit Update: Planning For ‘No-Deal’ summarizes current contingency plans for numerous countries and provides essential information for Brexit planning.

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