Backgrounder: What the June 8 General U.K. Election means for Brexit and Immigration Policy

13 Jun, 2017

Global Trend

The U.K. election shocked the political establishment and left the government without a ruling majority, creating uncertainty as the government begins negotiations to exit the European Union. While the impact on Brexit negotiations will become clearer in coming weeks and months, it appears that Prime Minister Theresa May’s loss of a parliamentary majority means that her proposals for a hard Brexit may need to yield, out of political necessity, to those who favor a softer break from the EU. It also now appears more likely than before that there could be a longer Brexit transition period after the formal two-year negotiating period under Article 50 expires in 2019. This Backgrounder analyzes the election results, what happens next, and how it will impact Brexit negotiations and the U.K.’s immigration agenda in general.

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