Backgrounder: United Kingdom – Migration Advisory Committee’s Call for Evidence on Brexit & EEA Migration

24 Aug, 2017

Global Trend

What’s at stake for companies when it comes to Brexit? 

The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) has been commissioned by the government to advise on the social and economic impact of Brexit. The MAC relies on companies, like yours, to support its research in order to give a full and representative picture of the effect of Brexit on businesses operating in the U.K. This is your opportunity to make a difference—your response will contribute to protecting your company and employees’ interests against the immigration impacts of Brexit.

It is vital that companies inform the Brexit negotiators and those formulating the post-Brexit immigration scheme, through the MAC call for evidence, on the following critical issues:

  • Reliance on EU/EEA migration.
  • The types of roles filled by EEA nationals and why.
  • Skill gaps and who should get priority in any post-Brexit immigration system.
  • Business impact of Brexit.

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