BAL has embraced information technology to make immigration processing more efficient and immigration programs more effective. We have built our own technology platform, Cobalt®, discussed below, and our Technology Solutions Department develops customized applications of Cobalt and other technologies for many BAL clients.  We are avid proponents of the application of IT to the global immigration challenge, and are constantly pushing the envelope to use technology to make programs more efficient and more effective for our clients around the world.


Through Cobalt, we have created the premier platform for global immigration management, providing automation for usability, speed, and quality. Additionally, Cobalt provides advanced features that enable operational excellence (including security) throughout the global mobility process.

Cobalt offers many benefits to our clients and to BAL:

-The industry’s first mobile immigration application, enabling anytime, anywhere case management across Android and iOS devices
-A secure, cloud-based platform that is ISO/IEC 27001 certified
-An intuitive, user-friendly interface
-Powerful and easy-to-use case management
-Highly configurable and adaptable user-centric questionnaires
-“Smart” document assembly processes that automate the creation of form-based documents
-Modular and robust digital interfaces for exchanging data between common immigration systems (e.g., HRIS, I-9)
-Flexible and open architecture that accommodates changes
-Secure messaging for easily collaboration when dealing with sensitive personal and corporate information
-Reporting capabilities that support on-demand report creation to identify insights and track statuses and trends

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