Document Acquisition and Authentication

BAL Global Services - Document Acquisition

Immigration inevitably requires documents. Obtaining these documents and ensuring they meet a consulate’s requirements for authentication can be a big challenge, and this is the specialty of BAL’s Document Services Team, part of our Consular Services Department. Collectively, our Document Services Team has decades of relevant experience to help our clients identify the right documents
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Employment Visas

BAL - Employment Visas

We are experts in obtaining all of the various employment visas for virtually every country in the world – after all, it’s been one of our core services for nearly four decades. In today’s world, successfully obtaining the right employment visa is almost a given. But BAL’s approach is differentiated by our proven processes, quality
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BAL Services - Forecasting

Knowing how much to budget for your company’s global immigration program is often a daunting task. BAL’s Forecasting service, provided by our Client Services Department, uses proprietary algorithms to develop useful forecast reports that help you with budgeting and internal planning. Our data-driven approach to immigration, combined with our close partnerships with your mobility and
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Government Affairs

BAL Global - Government Affair Services

For most companies, immigration is a matter of procedure and a challenge of compliance, but for some, immigration goals are pursued at the policy-making level. For nearly four decades, BAL has been helping clients around the world understand, navigate, and influence immigration law and policy. Our Government Affairs Department successfully leverages our technical expertise, our
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Knowledge Management

BAL Services - Knowledge Management

Immigration is a knowledge-based business. Reliable, accurate, and timely immigration information is critical for strategic business planning and the effective mobilization of your workforce. But obtaining up-to-date information is a particularly difficult challenge for enterprises with operations in diverse locations, especially countries where immigration rules and regulations can change without government notice. BAL has built
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BAL Services - Outsourcing

Immigration is an ongoing challenge for every global company. It demands a multifaceted response that includes customized strategic programs and superb execution from the immigration firm and the company itself. At BAL, we create exceptional programs and manage them to provide excellent execution. We can provide dedicated immigration support staff on-site or remotely in one
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Permanent Residence

BAL Services - Permanent Residency

BAL provides start-to-finish expertise for pursuing permanent residency nearly anywhere in the world. For nearly four decades, our Permanent Residence Services Team has built programs that combine expertise and technology to keep every party fully informed in a clear and compliant manner. For our clients, we provide speed and efficiency; for residency seekers, we make
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Passport Services

BAL Passport Services

Today’s global economy requires companies to remain agile and able to support their clients at a moment’s notice, wherever those clients are located. Increasingly, employees of global organizations must be able to mobilize quickly for international travel. There is no single document more important than the passport when it comes to international travel and the
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Program and Policy Services

BAL Services - Program and Policy

Ultimately, a successful immigration program will address your immediate business needs as well as help you achieve your long-term goals and strategies. BAL’s approach to this dual purpose is a programmatic one, and our Client Services Department develops and deploys strategic programs and works to create valuable partnerships with our clients. Our ultimate goal is
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Strategic Planning

BAL - Strategic Planning Services

BAL incorporates strategic planning at every stage of our relationship with your company, from the initial onboarding as a BAL client to our partnering with you as your business changes and evolves. Strategic planning is embedded in every aspect of our transactional practice, including employment visas, business visas, permanent residency, consular services, document acquisition and
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