Covid-19 Task Force

We know what it takes to get you through a crisis. For four decades, our legal experts have helped clients navigate economic recessions, natural disasters, and rapid changes in immigration policy. Our attorneys draw upon their government and private-sector experience to offer clients unique insights and creative strategies to respond to the outbreak of COVID-19.
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Data Analytics

BAL Services - Data Analytics

Clients, and the work we do for them, generate vast amounts of global mobility data. We apply our technological capabilities, along with our industry expertise and legal knowledge, to put that data to work for you. Data analytics – the application of statistical techniques and advanced tools to large and varied data sets – drives
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Management Reporting

BAL Services Management

Tracking and measurement are essential to a successful global immigration program. One of the key benefits of our Cobalt® platform is a robust reporting capability that helps you track, understand, measure, and manage your immigration activities. We provide statistics on the volume of your program and trends on employee movement – where your people are
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BAL Global - Auditing

BAL Auditing provides you with an in-depth look at your overall immigration program, or certain portions of it, in a particular country or around the world. BAL Auditing has conducted audits on behalf of hundreds of clients around the globe, including many of the world’s largest companies. Our auditors can review your procedures, policies, processes,
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Business Visas

BAL Global - Business Visas

The BAL Business Visa Team, part of our Consular Services Department, offers a full suite of services to meet the evolving needs of companies and their business travelers. For most clients, we begin from a strategic perspective. We help you understand compliance requirements. We create a process that will support your needs. We explore the
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BAL Service - Compliance

Successful immigration programs comply with the laws and regulations of every relevant jurisdiction. BAL has an entire team of professionals – Compliance Services – to assist our clients with compliance around the world. We provide fully-outsourced compliance, ongoing legal support, and auditing and investigation for proactive and defensive situations. All of BAL’s compliance services make use
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BAL Services - Citizenship

Obtaining citizenship in a new country can be a challenge – one that BAL is uniquely well-positioned to address. Our Citizenship Services Team has the experience and expertise to navigate the process. Whether determining the benefits of one citizenship versus another, analyzing the impact of acquiring another citizenship, or evaluating the various paths to citizenship,
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Comparative Country Analysis

BAL Services - Comparative Analysis

BAL has the knowledge and experience to advise your company on how to successfully navigate complex immigration-related issues and how to assess the impact of immigration on large-scale global initiatives such as mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, reorganizations, global policies, proposals, and long-term expansions. We help you think clearly about the costs, benefits, risks, and opportunities of
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Consular Services

BAL Consular Services

Given the bureaucratic nature of many government bodies, and their often-exacting requirements, dealing with these entities can be a challenging – even frustrating – experience. Our team of Consular Services professionals specializes in all types of visa applications, whether tourist visas, entry visas, business visas, work visas, or passport-related applications. We help people accurately prepare their
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BAL Global - Consulting Services

The most effective immigration results come from strategically designed and well-executed programs. BAL is, first and foremost, a firm with the experience and expertise to design exceptional strategies and build great programs. BAL Consulting was conceived to meet the evolving needs and demands confronting global mobility professionals, HR professionals, and the organizations they support with
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