As Immigration Manager, Consular Services in the Dallas office at Berry Appleman & Leiden LLP, Haseeb is responsible for filing all categories of non-immigrant and immigrant visa cases at US Embassies and Consulates overseas. Combining decades of experience with his role at Berry Appleman & Leiden LLP, Haseeb is at the forefront of immigration ingenuity on a global scale while working directly with his clients and partners on filing strategy planning and US visa program compliance for success augmentation.  

Representing a nearly 30-year career as a leading expert of US Immigration, with specific emphasis on the Consular Processing & governmental oversight nature of US filings, Haseeb’s expertise includes extensive professional experience within consular operations & management, global mobility immigration support, governmental legal research, and family and employment petition examination. Prior to his current role with Berry Appleman & Leiden LLP, Haseeb served as the Director, US Service at an HR & global mobility firm and as Consular Specialist at US Consular Missions abroad. He has lived and worked in the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, and Afghanistan.