Worldwide ERC® Learning Zone Webinar – Global Workforce Strategy: Monitor, Engage & Stay Compliant in a Perfect Storm

November 15, 2018

11:00 AM ET

Join Worldwide ERC® at 11:00 AM U.S. Eastern time on 15 November for this webinar sponsored by Berry Appleman & Leiden LLP.

Organizations today are faced with an increasingly complex global talent and compliance landscape. The global workforce is becoming more agile, diversified and on demand, whilst simultaneously countries are tightening their immigration controls, applying quotas and increasing the focus on tax and payroll compliance.

How are organizations managing this conflict? In this session, Kelli Duehning, BAL Senior Counsel, will be joined by Andy Robb, Partner, Global Workforce and George Christofides, Associate Director, Global Workforce, both of from Deloitte UK. This panel will be moderated by BAL Partner, Larry Drumm.

  • Set the scene on how the future of work is impacting cross-border travel and discuss the impact this has on your organization
  • Share strategies on how organizations are re-evaluating their views on global workforce agility to maintain their competitive edge and deliver an exceptional experience to new hires and employees
  • Gain insights on how to use technology and analytics to connect, collaborate, monitor and manage processes

At a time of unprecedented change join us on 15 November to discover opportunities to maintain a competitive edge in global talent management for your organization.

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