Worldwide ERC® Learning Zone Webcast – Wellness Check: How healthy is your immigration program?

September 19, 2019

2:00 PM ET

Best practices for immigration program managers in today’s fast-moving immigration environment.

Like the human body, a successful immigration program requires care, training and regular maintenance to optimize its functioning, increase strength and resilience, and be able to respond to challenges. U.S. immigration has become increasingly complex and volatile, affecting virtually all U.S. and global companies. Implementing immigration best practices is like having a wellness plan for your immigration program, especially during unpredictable times.

Join Berry Appleman & Leiden Partners Carla Tarazi and Michelle Funk for an informative and entertaining discussion for HR and immigration program managers on how to:

  1. Check your pulse: Align your immigration program with your company’s recruitment plans, business goals and internal culture.
  2. Manage pain points: Weigh the different types of costs that constrain your program and implement best practices that balance them effectively.
  3. Elective and emergency surgery: Prepare to adapt your immigration program to regulatory changes, such as the new H-1B online registration process coming next April, as well as unexpected contingencies like corporate restructuring and layoffs.
  4. Rx for success: Learn how to conduct an annual wellness exam of your immigration program to ensure optimal strength and flexibility.

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