Washington, D.C.

SHRM Global Mobility and Immigration Symposium

November 3 - 6, 2019

SHRM’s Global Mobility and Immigration Symposium, formerly the Council for Global Immigration’s (CFGI) Symposium brings together government officials, immigration and global mobility professionals, and legal experts for insightful discussion around the most pressing global mobility and workplace immigration issues.

Join BAL in Washington, D.C. from November 3 – 6 to take part in the symposium. BAL will be participating on a few panels with Subject Matter Experts focused on hot topics in immigration.

Monday, November 4

9:45AM – 10:45AM

The Immigration Policy Horizon

With the 2020 campaign in full swing, a Democratic House, Republican Senate and new administrative officials, are there prospects for reform before the elections? This session will Azaactions that have and could impact the U.S. immigration process, including the Buy American Hire American Executive Order (BAHA), and sub-regulatory measures affecting H-1Bs and other visas.


  • Rebecca Peters, Director of Policy Engagement, SHRM
  • Betsy Lawrence, Counsel, Subcommittee on Immigration and Citizenship, House Committee on the Judiciary
  • Theodore Wold, Special Assistant to the President


  • Lynden Melmed, Partner, BAL



1:15PM – 2:15PM

Crunching the Numbers: Understanding and Using US Government Data

Several U.S. immigration agencies are required to provide overall statistics on their programs at the end of every fiscal year. But what do all the numbers mean? Find out how to read U.S. government statistics from the respective U.S. immigration agencies, why the data is being released, how to interpret the data and how your organization can use it.


  • Lynn O’Brien, Senior Associate, BAL
  • Stuart Anderson, Executive Director, National Foundation for American Policy
  • Jeff Gorsky, Senior Counsel, BAL
  • Michele D. Frangella, Director, Immigration Lead, North America,
    Publicis Groupe


1:15PM – 2:15PM

Academic Hot Topics

Policies, processing times and proposed regulations. In the world of academic immigration, there are daily changes and rumors of changes. This panel will review the latest developments in student and scholar visa categories, discuss advising in an era of uncertainty, and evaluate future changes to determine which are most likely to happen and when. In particular, the panel will focus on strategies to avoid RFEs, planning for security delays and longer processing times, and what to do if there is a denial.


  • Dan Berger, Partner, Curran, Berger & Kludt
  • Kelli Duehning, Senior Counsel, BAL
  • Lesley N. Salafia, Esq., Senior Associate University Counsel, Office of the General Counsel, University of Connecticut


2:30PM – 3:30PM

Mergers & Acquisitions and Due Diligence from an Immigration Compliance Perspective

Employers often experience mergers, acquisitions, and spinoffs but immigration program managers can be the last to learn of the transaction. How do these changes affect immigration programs, and how can program managers proactively identify issues and work with internal and external stakeholders to manage them? Learn what to do about petitions, greencard cases in process, I-9s, and harmonizing the policies and practices between the target entity and existing employer.


  • Susan Wehrer, Partner, BAL
  • Denise Rahmani, Immigration Director, Oracle
  • Liane Cooney, Partner, BAL


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