Worldwide ERC® Spring Virtual Conference

Remote Work: Opportunities & Risks for Your Mobility Program

May 24, 2021

3:00PM - 4:00PM CT

Worldwide ERC® Spring Virtual Conference offers the opportunity to discuss current issues affecting the relocation industry, focusing on U.S. domestic issues including remote work, compliance, diversity and inclusion, and much more.

BAL is a proud sponsor of this conference and we invite you to join us for this experience being held May 24-26, 2021.


As remote work becomes an engrained feature of today’s workplace, what are the benefits and risks for your mobility program? Where should you look to leverage the cost savings of a remote workforce? What are the areas of risk and how to mitigate them?

Our speakers will explore the following topics:

  • Cost savings: Ideas to streamline your program from automating remote tasks to combining immigration and mobility to practical dollar savings
  • Risk analysis: From cybersecurity to roving employees to logistical issues, what risks do you need to consider?
  • Employee experience: Pros and cons of remote working and ensuring that your foreign national employees are receiving support in their immigration journey in this new environment


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