Metro Meeting Centers – Boston
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Masters Series: Best Practices in Global Immigration Program Management

10 November, 2016

Please join BAL Partners Edward Rios and Michelle Funk for an in-depth discussion on best practices for establishing and maintaining your global corporate immigration programs. Edward and Michelle will demonstrate how to efficiently and successfully shift your immigration program from decentralized and ad hoc to centralized and coordinated. Once you understand how to build a successful program, you will learn to use data and technology to develop a more robust PERM program.

Topics to be discussed are:

  • Program Management: Decentralized and Ad Hoc to Centralized and Coordinated
  • Problem Solving: Comparing common assignments under each model
  • Case Monitoring: Communication Systems and Data Analytics
  • Considerations when implementing Global Mobility Dashboards
  • Program reporting, benchmarking and using predictive models

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