University Club of Chicago | Chicago, IL

Master Series: Navigating a US and Global Immigration Program in 2018: How to Stay on a Compliant Course with Cyber Data Security and Complex Government Regulations

July 12, 2018

8:30am to 12:00 PM CT

Populist sentiments around the world are driving immigration reforms from Australia to the U.K., from the U.S. to New Zealand, and from Singapore to South Africa. In recent months, several countries have unveiled noteworthy changes to their immigration regulations that will impact mobility programs across many industries.

In this presentation, BAL will provide an update on how these developments and other trends have both positive and negative immigration implications for immigration and mobility programs. BAL will also discuss how immigration programs can remain compliant in light of these changing regulations and highlight changing privacy laws and cyber security challenges. Speakers include BAL Partner Roberto Caballero, BAL Senior Counsel’s Stephanie Lewin and Kelli Duehning.

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