Legalweek(Year) Virtual Conference

Change Management: Steps to Successfully Adopting AI, RPA and Emerging Technologies in Your Law Firm

July 13, 2021

9:00AM - 10:00AM CT

Most law firms have only scratched the surface in utilizing the capabilities of AI and other emerging technologies. Automation tools like robotic process automation (RPA), machine learning and data analytics can perform repetitive manual tasks, improve efficiencies, reduce human error, provide new insight and free up valuable time for legal teams. If you are looking to implement new technologies and want to understand the steps to make the change, join this discussion and learn from award-winning legal technology experts and immigration attorneys who have a track record in creating and embedding these technologies into law firm processes.

At this session, panelists will walk you through the change management process:

• Getting buy-in
• Creating a team
• Building a prototype
• Implementing your tech product firm-wide
• Demonstration: See how proprietary AI and RPA products are being applied in law firm business processes and in the practice of immigration law and global mobility.

This session will be led by Vince DiMascio, Chief Information Officer, and Edward Rios, Partner and Head of Innovtation.

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